Business Administration

Business Administration


School code TTU 

Major code 7340101 

Diploma of Bachelor of Business Administration 

Training period: 4 years/129 credits

Business Administration is an in-depth study of business management, international business, marketing, human resource organization, logistics and supply chain management, etc., which is very suitable for students who have a passion for business, want Become a CEO, want to start a successful self-starter, want to become experts in marketing, logistics or human resource organization.

TTU’s Business Administration major aims to train Vietnam’s leading international-standard MBA graduates with sufficient knowledge, skills and capabilities to meet the needs of domestic and international human resources.

Education program

The curriculum of the School of Economics & Business Administration of Tan Tao University focuses on theoretical training coupled with practice, right from the first year, students have been able to visit, exchange and work with other experts. domestic and international businesses and entrepreneurs.

Students of the School of Economics & Business Administration of Tan Tao University are always given the opportunity to visit and study at businesses and companies right from the first year.

In addition, the highlight of the School of Economics & Business Administration is the team of experienced lecturers. Students learn from successful national and international entrepreneurs in many fields.

The difference of the School of Economics & Business Administration compared to other faculties is the internship conditions. Students not only have the opportunity to do internships in domestic enterprises, but from the second year, they also have the opportunity to do internships in businesses in the US and other countries in the ASEAN region.

Excellent students are sent to attend seminars and forums at home and abroad.


Lecturers of Business Administration in particular and School of Economics in general are PhDs and Masters, besides teaching expertise, they also have a lot of experience in running businesses, working in large companies and corporations. multidisciplinary. This is a special point that helps Business Administration students have a better overview of practical experience as well as opportunities from the connection of lecturers. 

Career prospects

After graduation, students of Business Administration easily work in different positions:

  • Become an analyst, forecaster, policy consultant, in the future become a senior manager, planner, executive director, general director of businesses operating in a global environment.
  • Become an innovative startup business owner. Students have full knowledge of self-organization and management of an enterprise apparatus.
  • Working in companies, multi-sector enterprises, multinational companies, large domestic and international economic groups.
  • With the overall knowledge of Business Administration, students confidently work in any major such as Marketing, Human Resources, … continue to study for a Master’s or Doctoral degree in the desired specialty.

Internship – Opportunity to work at home and abroad

Studying in a dynamic environment, early business practice, and good English background, students of the School of Economics & Business Administration (SEB) confidently work at multinational companies, and economic groups. domestic and international with high salaries. The most surprising thing is that 100% of SEB students have jobs with high salaries right before they receive their diplomas.

Studying at the School of Economics and Business Administration, students are guaranteed an internship after completing the course requirements. Tan Tao University cooperates with 2 large industrial parks of Tan Tao Group, Tan Duc Industrial Park (Duc Hoa, Long An) and Tan Tao Industrial Park (Binh Tan, Ho Chi Minh City) to create conditions for students to practice in hundreds of enterprises in industrial zones. Economics students are also facilitated to stay and work after the internship ends.

In addition, with the advantage of only about 30 students per class, each student is directly supported by the lecturer during the internship. School with experience and industry relationships often send students to businesses, companies, and banks if students have needs in the desired field.

Alumni Success

Strength in training economics students after many years, TTU has proven its quality with the success of outstanding alumni:

  • Pham Hoang Man (Class of 2011-2015, Global Business Management:) received the YSEALI Scholarship for Young Southeast Asian Leaders from the US Department of State.
  • Vo Le Dan Thuy (Class of 2011-2015, Global Business Management): working at Vingroup.
  • Tran Phuc Vinh (Class of 2011-2015, Global Business Management): Transfer Pricing Consultant at PwC Group in Australia.
  • Nguyen Le Huy Hung (Class of 2011-2015, Finance – Accounting) Senior Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers Vietnam.
  • Phan Hoang Nam (Class of 2011-2015, International Business): Co-founder & Director of Wealth Lead Co., Ltd & Nhat Dinh Foreign Language Center, HCMC.
  • Nguyen Hoang Thuy Duong (Class of 2011-2015 Global Business Management – Business Administration): Tan Duc Investment Joint Stock Company, Tan Tao Group.
  • Vo Thi Hoai Thuong (Class of 2012-2016, Global Business Management): received an MBA scholarship in the UK and practiced Hospital Administration at St. Mary (Indian state, USA).
  • Nguyen Trong Tue (Class of 2012-2016, Finance – Accounting): Eramus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree Scholarship.
  • Dinh Nhut Nam (Class of 2014-2018, Global Business Management): 1st prize in Biti’s Hunter’s 2017 Marketing Specialist Contest, received an invitation to practice at Deloitte Consulting.


* Global Business Management is the old English name of Business Administration.


General scholarship policy for industries

Tuition fee per year of School of Economics and Business Administration (2 semesters):

  • Standard program: 770,000 VND/credit.

Average: 25,000,000 VND/year.

  • Talented Bachelor Program: 1,500,000 VND/credit.

Average: 40,000,000 VND/year.

Tuition fee is STABLE and does NOT INCREASE 

Medical students who are children, children of Doctors, Health Officers, Teachers across the country or have a household registration receive a 30% tuition discount for the whole course.

Preferential scholarship policy for the first academic year for new students 2023

Scholarship 100% first year

  • Candidates who win HSG awards at the International, National or Provincial level are entitled to a scholarship policy of 100%
  • Candidates who pass the majors of the School of Economics and Business Administration with a total score of 03 subjects over 20 points or more (not counting priority points, region)

***Applicable to combinations:

  • 𝐀00: Math, Physics, Chemistry
  • A01: Math, Physics, English
  • D01: Math, Literature, English
  • 𝐃𝟎7: Math, English,  Chemistry

𝟕𝟓% scholarship for the first year: Candidates ranked BEST for three years of study 𝟏𝟎, 𝟏𝟏, 𝟏𝟐

Scholarship 50% first year

  • Candidates who are admitted to the School of Economics and Business Administration have a total score of 03 subjects from 18 points to 19.9 points (not counting priority points, area) or have a good academic performance, AWESOME three years of 10, 11, 12.

Register to apply for TTU now to receive a scholarship up to 100%.

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