Triết lý Giáo dục khai phóng Hoa Kỳ
Liberal Arts Education philosophy

The training program in accordance with the liberal arts education philosophy develops a multi-dimensional knowledge base and enhances the choice of students.

Chương trình đào tạo chú trọng Tiếng Anh
Academic program focusing on English

Applying and adjusting training programs from Duke University, Rice University USA, focusing on building a foundation and ensuring English proficiency upon graduation

Đội ngũ Giảng viên tốt nghiệp nước ngoài
The lecturers graduated from abroad

The lecturers are masters, doctors who graduated from abroad with high professional qualifications, and enthusiasm and always accompany students.

Trải nghiệm học tập thực tế
Real learning experience

Modern learning environment and lots of practical experience through internships, and hands-on business visits from the first year of study.

Đảm bảo việc làm cho sinh viên tốt nghiệp
Job security for graduates

The introduction of job opportunities at Tan Duc and Tan Tao Industrial Parks. Many graduated students work at large corporations, multinational companies with salaries starting from $1000/month.

Học phí & học bổng ưu đãi
Tuition fees policy & Scholarships

Implement policies to reduce tuition fees by 30% for children, doctors, and lecturers nationwide, first-year admission scholarships, full talent scholarships, and financial loan support for students.

Success of TTU students

Students are offered jobs at Tan Tao Group with competitive income. However, Tan Tao University encourages its students to seek job opportunities in large corporations to prove their abilities after being trained in a high quality environment. The first course of TTU has many students who have jobs at multinational companies.


Graduates have jobs


Students get a job during their internship


Worked with salaries above $ 1000


Admission information

Update information you need to know about this year's Tan Tao University enrollment

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

Bring many attractive policies and scholarships

Instructions for filing

Requirements for records, instructions on how to submit applications

Online Admission

Steps to apply for admission, Instructions on how to enroll online

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Faculty of Medicine is one of the strong faculties of Tan Tao University. Faculty of Medicine was born, focusing on training in general medicine according to US standards. The most important goal is to create a modern mining environment, ...


To train bachelors with political, ethical and good health and social responsibility while at the same time mastering the basic knowledge of economics, management, society and humanities.

School of Biotechnology

The training produces bachelors and engineers who can understand, develop and apply knowledge and create valuable products from the Biotechnology field to enhance the quality of life.

School of Languages

To train the young, talented and highly educated generation, contribute to the innovation of teaching and learning in Vietnam, and bring Vietnam's name to the world.

School of Information Technology

Training to create high-quality human resources to lead the trend in data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the period of constant innovation of the telecommunications industry.


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