Instruction for register of administration 2022

Instruction for register of administration

Students applying to Tan Tao University need to prepare the following documents:

  1. 01 application for admission: information completed on the form.
  2. 01 copy of academic record.
  3. 01 copy of high school diploma or provisional graduation certificate issued by a competent authority (the originals wil be submitted during enrollment process for comparision).
  4. 01 university degree and notarized copy of University transcript (for candidates who graduated from university).
  5. 01 copy of ID card/ passport.
  6. 02 3×4 photos (put in a small envelope, write your full name, date of birth on the back of the photo).
  7. 01 Bản sao giấy chứng nhận đạt giải Học Sinh Giỏi (nếu có) cấp tỉnh, cấp quốc gia, quốc tế;
  8. Giấy chứng nhận ưu tiên (nếu có);

    *Note: Copies need to be photocopied and certified by a competent authority.

    Download application forms:
    – Direct admission 2022 application form 
    – General admission 2022 application form
    – Graduated from university – application form
    – Graduated from international high school –
    application form