Instruction for register of administration 2023


Instruction for register of administration

Students applying to Tan Tao University need to prepare the following documents:

  • 01 application for admission: information completed on the form;
  • 01 copy of academic record;
  • 01 copy of high school diploma or provisional graduation certificate issued by a competent authority (the originals wil be submitted during enrollment process for comparision);
  • 01 copy of ID card/ passport;
  • 01 3×4 photos (put in a small envelope, write your full name, date of birth on the back of the photo);
  • 01 copy of Certificate of Merit Award (if any) at provincial, national or international level;
  • Priority certificate (if any).

*Note: Copies need to be photocopied and certified by a competent authority

 Download application forms:
– Direct admission 2023 application form 
– General admission 2023 application form

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