School of Biotechnology of Tan Tao University – Nurturing Global Citizen

School of Biotechnology (SBT) of Tan Tao University is being built to provide society with Bachelors and Engineers who can understand, develop and apply the knowledge as well as create valuable products from Biotechnology to improve the quality of life. Moreover, students of School of Biotechnology will be equipped with the capability to preserve and develop animals and creatures which are on the edge of extinction.

The curriculum has many outstanding advantages

The curriculum of SBT is designed to train Bachelors and Engineers with the critical thinking of an international scientist and also capture the trends of this field in the most effective way. Students along with lecturers carry out scientific researchs from the first year at school.

The laboratory of School of Biotechnology has been equipped with modern equipment to support teaching and practical work of students.

The most special thing as well as a big opportunity for students is the English – based curriculum. This is the foundation for students of SBT to give reports at international and domestic conferences and publish scientific researches in international journals.

Students of School of Biotechnology participated in the first INDO-ASEAN Conference on innovative approaches in science and applied technology (June 2018).

In addition, School of Biotechnology of TTU is also a place to create opportunities for overseas internships for students who have outstanding academic achievements. Students are also offered scholarships for Master of Science (MSc) or Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) to study immediately after graduation.

Another special thing of School of Biotechnology is the Office Hour. Lecturers will have free hours to advise for each student privately weekly. Students can ask for advice from the lecturers about class issues and other issues if they needed.

Opportunities to work domestically and internationally

After graduating from the School of Biotechnology, students are introduced to work in domestic and foreign companies/corporations (specializing in plant and animal varieties; pharmacy or food …)

Outstanding students were given opportunities for studying and having internships abroad. Thuy Nhung and Tam Vy – talented students of the School of Biotechnology who has been studying and working for 3 months at the laboratory of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics of McGovern Medical School

For students who are passionate about the field of Biotechnology, students of School of Biotechnology can become professional scientists at Institutes/Research Centers for Medicine – Biology; Agriculture and Forestry; Food; Oceanic creatures and Environment or laboratory specialists (Hospital/Forensic Center).

If students have aspirations for teaching, students of School of Biotechnology can also participate in teaching in international and domestic universities. Moreover, Start-up is one of the other options for students of SBT based on the knowledge and practical experiences during studying at Tan Tao University.

Thus, when choosing the School of Biotechnology of Tan Tao University, students are choosing an open door with many career opportunities in the future.

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