Computer Science

School of Engineering, Tan Tao University- Companion with the Industrial Evolution 4.0

School of Engineering (SOE) of Tan Tao University is training Bachelors of Information Technology and Engineers in Electronic Engineering and Media. For that purpose, SOE focuses on training high-quality human resources to lead the trend of data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) during continuous innovation of the telecommunications industry.

The training program has many outstanding advantages

In order to capture the development trend of the world in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, SOE curriculum is constantly updated and innovated. School of Engineering is always proud of being the first to lead the trend based on “Bachelor of Computer Science – Orientation of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence”.

In addition, the flexible learning program enables students to develop appropriate schedule to explore their own abilities and enhance creativity in solving problems.

Flexible training program of SOE helps students to capture trends in the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

Faculties of SOE have high expertise, enthusiastically teaching and sharing with students the necessary experiences for learning and researching. Lecturers are professors and doctors graduating from the international educational institution. Moreover, the interaction between lecturers and students inspires and helps students gain invaluable experiences on the path to become talented engineers in the future.

Enthusiastic and experienced lecturers of School of Engineering

The special thing in the academic program of SOE is publishing more than 80 research projects in prestigious international journals. That is the clearest proof which stands for the success of SOE in scientific research. Moreover, student research activities are also supported by numerous funds and organizations, such as NAFOSTED, USAID, etc., to help students fully concentrate on researching and developing academic thinking.

Not only focusing on academic programs, SOE is also concentrating on providing students with soft skills and strategic thinking to start a business right from graduating.

Opportunities to work domestically and internationally

After graduation, students of SOE can take on positions of multi-national technology companies as well as leading telecommunication groups in Vietnam (Ex: Intel, Samsung, Viettel, TMA, FSoft, etc.)

Graduates are confident in working in many major companies and corporations

Furthermore, consulting, researching in R&D department is also one of the jobs students can undertake. For students who are passionate in teaching, SOE will create chances for them to become experts in researching and teaching domestically and globally.

Start-up in the field of Information Technology and application of Internet of Things (IOT) in life activities is also a great option for you to challenge yourself and gain experience to become future billionaires in technology such as Elon Musk or Jack Ma.

Choosing School of Engineering of Tan Tao University enables you to be confident to become a future engineer and also has the ability to work in a competitive and fast-changing environment of the world.

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