English Studies

English Studies


School code TTU

Sector code 7220201

Bachelor’s Degree in English Studies.

Training period: 4 years / 130 credits.

The English Studies is a specialized field of study, using English so that students can master and communicate fluently in English. The majors in English studies major include Business English, Translation and Interpreting English, and Pedagogical English.

The School of Languages of Tan Tao University wishes to become a Center for Language and Culture Research, by training young, talented, highly educated generations, contributing to the innovation of teaching and learning. and study in Vietnam, reaching out to the world.

Education program

The higher education program in English Studies trains qualified bachelors who use English fluently in all situations, have in-depth knowledge of English-speaking countries’ languages and cultures, have skills and experience the culture needed to live, work and innovate in a global, international English-speaking environment.

Equip learners with skills so that they can self-study, self-study and can participate in postgraduate study to become experts in their professional fields. Continuing to carry out teaching according to the liberalization model; interdisciplinary knowledge of language, culture and commerce; versatile, diverse skills; practical knowledge associated with labor needs. Conduct business English orientation, interpreting and teaching English.

CASE program – TTU’s annual cultural exchange activities with international students


The School of the School of Languages are PhDs and Masters in the right fields with many years of experience in teaching and researching languages, always updating the latest global trends. A team of young, dedicated, enthusiastic teachers and foreign lecturers from the United States participate in direct teaching at the university as well as online teaching.

Career prospects

After graduating, the Bachelor of English Studies confidently works in the following positions:

  • Business English orientation: Professionals operating in the field of trade, import and export, secretaries, foreign relations assistants in enterprises, economic groups, consulates, non-governmental organizations.
  • Translating and interpreting orientation: Translators and interpreters at publishing houses, notary offices, newspapers, television stations, radio stations, banks, commercial enterprises, travel agencies.
  • Orientation in pedagogical English: Teaching English at high schools, foreign language centers, or starting projects on English training.
  • Secretary, foreign affairs assistant in companies, enterprises, economic groups, consulates, non-governmental organizations, diplomatic missions.
  • Continuing the master’s and doctoral training programs, with enough knowledge and ability to win scholarships to international universities.

Internship – Opportunity to work at home and abroad

English Studies students are fully trained in both knowledge and qualities, confidently working in any company, agency, English center, top high schools. Tan Tao University ensures jobs for students majoring in Languages with the English Center, the English schools associated with the school.

With business English orientation, students majoring in English are given the opportunity to work with foreign bosses at companies in Tan Duc and Tan Tao industrial zones even while sitting at home. school with the positions of secretary, assistant, interpreter.

In addition, with the advantage of only about 30 students per class, each student is directly supported by the lecturer during the internship. School members have experience and relationships often send students to businesses, centers, schools if students have needs in the desired field.

Alumni’s Success

The strength of the training program in English, students majoring in English have brought many outstanding successes:

  • Le Thi Xuan Mai (class of 2013-2017, majoring in English Studies) received the YSEALI Scholarship for Young Southeast Asian Leaders from the US Department of State.
  • Bui Nhu Hong Hanh (class of 2012 – 2016, majoring in English): a scholarship to attend the 8th Asian Science Summer Camp in 2014 held at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.
  • Le Thi Diem Mi (class of 2012 – 2016, majoring in English Studies), Master of Linguistics majoring in TESOL is currently a lecturer at TTU.
  • Chau Nhat Huynh (Class of 2015 – 2019, majoring in English Studies), Fubright Scholarship Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at the University of California-Santa Barbara of the US Department of State.
English language students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to be able to study and work well both at home and abroad


Scholarship Policy for English Studies majors (2 semesters):

  • 100% English training program: 1,500,000 VND/credit.

Average: 40,000,000 VND/year.

Tuition fee is STABLE and does NOT INCREASE

Medical students who are children, doctors, medical officers, teachers across the country or have a Long An household registration are entitled to a 30% discount on tuition fees for the whole course.

Preferential scholarship policy for the first academic year for new students 2023

100% scholarship for the first year

  • Candidates who win “good students” prizes at international, national or provincial levels are entitled to a 100% scholarship policy.
  • Candidates who have passed the English Studies course have a total score of 03 subjects over 20 points or more (no priority, regional points)

*** Applicable to combinations:

  • A01: Math, Physics, English
  • D01: Literature, Math, English
  • D07: Math, Chemistry, English
  • D08: Math, Biology, English.

75% scholarship for the first year: Candidates ranked BEST for three years of study 10, 11, 12.

50% scholarship for the first year

Candidates who have passed the English Studies major have a total score of 03 subjects with scores ranging from 18 points to 19.9 points (not counting priority points, regions) or ranked as GOOD three years of study 10,11,12.

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