General Medicine

School of Medicine of Tan Tao University (TTU) – The only English – Vietnamese bilingual training program for medical students in Viet Nam.

The School of Medicine is one of the strong Schools of Tan Tao University. The School of Medicine was founded, focusing on training in general medicine according to US standards. The most important goal is to create a modern training environment, which is capable of integrating with advanced medicine in the world. As the first bilingual training program of medicine (in English and Vietnamese) in the country, this program opens a new path for Vietnamese medicine.

After graduation, each general doctor of TTU will have skills as a US doctor and be confident in the expertise to take care of the health of the people in the country as well as in the world. Moreover, talented students will have the opportunity to study and work in advanced countries in the world.

The training program has many outstanding advantages.

The curriculum of the School of Medicine at Tan Tao University ensures the basic curriculum framework regulated by the Ministry of Education and Training. At the same time, to improve and expand knowledge for students, the curriculum complements a part of the curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago, USA.

The most special thing as well as a great opportunity for students is an English-Vietnamese bilingual training program. This is the first and only bilingual training program in Vietnam for medical students with many lecturers from famous universities in the United States. The bilingual training program enable students to learn many advanced medical resources in the world to cultivate and improve their skills and qualifications.

TTU is also the only Vietnamese university that sends students for summer clerkship to St. Mary’s (Indiana), Hermann Memorial (Houston, Texas), and Maryland University in the United States. At this clerkship, students will learn, compete, practice English and exchange culture with foreign medical students.

Medical students practiced physical examination on patients during their internship in the United States.

Medical students guided first aid practice for students of Tan Tao University

Moreover, TTU is the only university in Vietnam currently teaching and preparing students for the USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination – USMLE). If passing this exam, students can work abroad.

Opportunities to work domestically and internationally

Graduating from School of Medicine at Tan Tao University, students master the knowledge and skills in medical examination and treatment. In addition to professional knowledge, TTU creates all conditions for students to have skills, strong experience since just graduated. Students are confident in their expertise to work in the Departments, clinics of public – private hospitals, health centers, etc.

 Prof. Thach Nguyen and students of School of Medicine of TTU presented at 18th Joint Meeting of Coronary Revascularization (Korea) 12/2018.

If having passion about deep research in this field, TTU medical students are able to continue to study at the Master and Doctor in the academic direction to participate in teaching and scientific researching at the university and research institute.

If desired, students can take the exam to study in medical residency, specialty 1, and specialty 2 in the direction of clinical practice.

If passing the practice exam for doctors who want to work in the United States (United States Medical Licensing Examination – USMLE), TTU’s medical students can practice abroad as every medical students who graduate from American universities.

Thus, when choosing School of Medicine of Tan Tao University, students are choosing an open door with many career opportunities in the future.

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